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I believe that Sustainable Buildings are the future of the Construction Industry and our future energy needs will be met from true Clean Energy Sources as well as creating Net Zero Energy Efficient Buildings for a sustainable future.

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Breaking News: I now offer Solar Systems for your Home with $00.00 ZERO Costs to You.  It is called a Solar Lease Program and Available to Home Owners and Commercial Buildings for the St Louis Area!!!

Why Pay Ameren UE when you can get paid by the Sun?

Free Green Estimates with detailed Income Producing Financial Statements 

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Information and tips that will help you to choose a Solar System that is right for your Home or Office.  Whether you choose to DIY or have Scotts Contracting assist in installing a Photovoltaic Solar Electric System to Generate Clean Energy from the Sun.  Complete Solar Kits that include everything you need to Install a Clean Energy Producing System for your Property.

As an Independent Solar Solution Provider. I offer and have access to various systems on the market today.  I encourage the "Buy American Companies"  For Reliable Safe and Clean Energy for Your Property. So if you are seeking Solar Information on:

Westinghouse Solar,

  • Solar World, 

  • Kyocera, 

  • Schott, 

  • Schuco, 

  • Sanyo, 

  • Suniva, 

  • Canadian Solar, 

  • GE Solar, 

  • Lumeta, 

  • SoloPower plus many more.


6T Series

260-240 Wp

7T2 Series

310-285 Wp

9T6 Series

420-390 Wp

Terms and Conditions


Advanced Features of the Helios Solar Works

  • Helios Solar Works modules integrate high-quality mono-crystalline cells, high-transmission glass, and anodized aluminum framing to produce high-efficient and reliable power.

  • Our modules are tested to CEC, IEC, FSEC, TÜV and UL standards and have a Class C fire rating.

  • We offer a generous 25-year linear performance warranty as well as a 10-year workmanship warranty.

  • Our modules are assembled at our headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We strive to source from American suppliers whenever possible to ensure high performance, high quality, and on-time delivery.

Check out the Benefits of Helios Solar Works

  • Flexibility. Our high-performance modules make it possible to design systems that satisfy a variety of needs—from residential, commercial, and governmental applications to any project with space or budget constraints.

  • Confidence. Quality is a natural consequence of our material selection and advanced, automated manufacturing platform. This allows you to be confident that our modules will perform as expected for the long term.

  • Affordability. Our advanced, automated manufacturing platform reduces our cost of production, generating savings we pass onto you. Also, systems utilizing our high-performance modules enjoy reduced installation costs, making them some of the most affordable on the market.

9T6 Series


Save big by going big-using our 9T6 module will save you time and parts on installation with a greater power yield in the same footprint.

Check out the details here!

and see how

Size Does Matter- How Large, More Efficient Modules Can Lead to Big Savings by Brent Bucker, Helios Solar Works

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