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Scotty, Scotts Contracting writes: Sustainable Buildings are the future of the Construction Industry and our future energy needs will be met from true Clean Energy Sources as well as creating Net Zero Energy Efficient Buildings for a sustainable future.

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As an Independent Solar Solution Provider.   I encourage the "Buy American Solar Equipment"  For Reliable Safe and Clean Energy for Your Property. 

A Green Site Evaluation will show you how You can Save Money on your Utility Bills and make a Positive Impact on the Environment and the USA by lessening Air Quality Pollution, Wars Over Oil, and Clean Energy Jobs!

 Yes Solar is now Affordable and is and will continue to beat Dirty Coal for energy production!

Here is an example of  Solar Equipment Pricing from just one of my Solar Providers.

3kW Micro Inverter Solar Kit
12 x 250w Lightway Solar Panels
12 x Enphase M215 Micro Inverters
Roof Mount Racking System

6kW Micro Inverter Solar Kit
24 x 250w Lightway Solar Panels
24 x Enphase M215 Micro Inverters
Roof Mount Racking System

4kW Micro Inverter Solar Kit
16 x 250w Lightway Solar Panels
16 x Enphase M215 Micro Inverters
Roof Mount Racking System
If you are seeking Solar Equipment Information, Specs or pricing
St Louis Renewable Energy-Westinghouse Solar Dealer and Installer

  • Example of Westinghouse Solar Installation courtesy of Scotts Contracting- St Louis Renewable Energy

Bulk Solar Buying Tips

  • Buy In Bulk and purchase Pallet or Container Loads of Solar Equipment.   

  • Prices start at 50 cents per watt, most products located on the east and west coast 

  • shipping ranges $400-$1,000 for most orders on Container Loads of Solar Panels +500 total panels on most orders 20-28 Solar Panels per pallet

Information and tips that will help you to choose a Solar System that is right for your Home or Office.  

Whether you choose to DIY or have Scotts Contracting assist in installing a Photovoltaic Solar Electric System to Generate Clean Energy from the Sun.  

Complete Solar Kits are available and include everything you need to Install a Clean Energy Producing System for your Property.

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